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Certifications: WOSB, WBENC. Capabilities Statement available upon request.

Handy Entertainment is a creative agency assisting our clients in the design, creation, and production of their events. We specialize in customized interactive event entertainment.

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NOT Drinking Bubbles

Special: For $49 book any package with no payment due until two weeks before your event! Know your date and time? Don’t have all the details yet? Click here and get the deets. Sweet.

Why do we need entertainment?

The Georgia Production Partnership’s 2018 Holiday Industry Party at Le Fais Do-Do

Here’s a taste of our signature Lip Readings.

Live Lip Reading at Impression Bridal

Dealing with food sensitivities, or better yet, allergies, sensitivities, intolerances, and restrictions–all at the same event?

Don’t panic – this is what we do all the time! Smart cookies use our customized and individualized entertainment to get their guests, clients, and prospects to fall in love (or at least into a long-lasting like) with them, their ceremony, launch, luncheon, lecture, promotion, branding, or long drive to a distant destination.

Brilliant people on a mission with people to see and places to go ask us to help them move mountains, source their venue, catering, staff, audio/visual, talent, design, florals, linen, crew, tenting and other semi-permanent structures, permits, furniture rentals, security, valet, and all the other things that make the world go ’round.

Build bridges, forge relationships, get quiet people talking. Spellbind those over-communicators into silence. Have us turn your event into something magical!

We proudly serve everybody.

We serve people well. Even more, we work with everybody. Our team looks like real people (ok, maybe some are wearing weird make-up and costumes!) because they are real people. We don’t necessarilydo things the way everybody else does things. For that matter, we don’t usually even do the things that most people do. If that’s what you want, then go on, just have yourself a Cookie Cutter Event. But that’s not what we do.

What should we do and how do we do it?

Tired of the same old? No idea where to start? If you know what is most important for you, or for your town, your company, family, brand, event, or client, we can help you put together the pieces. Is it novelty? Quality? Speed of execution? Budget? Tell us what is most important for you and we’ll take it from there. Take a look at some of what we’ve done on our media page.

“Do we even need entertainment?,” some people ask. Think about this—most of your team, colleagues, family or friends have a lot of catching up to do. They also need some leisure activities where they can just relax and recharge. Strengthen relationships between you and your guests by giving them an activity about them.

A case study about a family. A big family.

One family asked us if we could create an activity for them that would provide them with a keepsake. We did them one better and launched the ‘Smith’ Family Step ’n’ Repeat!

What the family did. They used a simple backdrop printed with the outline of a tree. The family took turns pressing their handprints and lip prints on the branches. Some wrote about what their family meant to them on the Step ’n’ Repeat. Our readers gave each person a reading based on their unique print or script. The family had a photographer take pictures of each other in front of the tree. At the end of the reunion they held a drawing to see who would take the backdrop home with them. We helped this family choose the lipstick and marker colors.  They gave us a tree jpg in advance to print. Even babies could make prints with their hands and feet.

Zoltar Fortune Teller Booth. More individualized is our Zoltar Fortune Teller Booth. Mahogany-stained, solid wood panels, a  remote-controlled, 64-light programmable LED board. 84.7″ h x 35″ w x 21″ d. Zoltar can speak, write, and SHARE information.

How You Can Use Zoltar. Share important or just fun information about you, your client, your company, your product, your star, or your special day.Asecret trap drawer opens to the outside. At first glance, Zoltar looks like an automaton carnival figure. With every little move, he grabs your guests’ attention.

Zoltar tells it the way he sees it. He read Tarot for the Holiday Industry Party at Le Fais Do-Do for the Georgia Production Partnership.

Zoltar As Your Information Booth – Guests get fortunes and other information from Zoltar:

Let’s figure out what works best for you. Zoltar is a perfect add-on to a conference, break-out session, trade show, long dinner, rehearsal dinner, reception, wrap party, Bar- or Bat mitzvah, dance party, or even a picnic. Zoltar is great to pull people in. Position Zoltar to keep guests on the sidelines included.

Zoltar can provide Lip Readings, Chocolate Lip Readings, Handwriting Analysis, Palm Reading and much more!

Strolling Entertainment. Did you know strolling entertainers can help with traffic flow? Strolling entertainers can go to guests with mobility challenges. Have costumed characters give your guests readings at their seats: Coffee cup readings, tea leaf readings, Lip Readings, palm readings, handwriting analysis. The sky’s the limit.

Handwriting Analysis. Would you like to have interactive handwriting analysis as part of your backdrop? Guests write about your guest(s) of honor. Project their words on a screen, or wall, in real time while they get readings.

Handwriting analysis and Lip Readings can be done on linens, stemware, or special memory books.

Contact us today at info@handyentertainment.xyz or 404.424.9196. Please leave a message if you don’t connect with us immediately so we’ll know you’re not a spam bot. We look forward to hearing from you!

Who We Are Handy Entertainment is based in Atlanta, GA. We produce unique, interactive entertainment, activations, variety acts, launches, and promotions. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, foundations, social and educational institutions, families, think-tanks, marketers, and government entities. Fall in love with your next event.

Tell us about your venue, how many guests you’re expecting, your date and goals, and we’ll help you create a storyline of engagement.

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