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"Thank you! Everyone LOVED the lips readings and you. I thought the whole event was perfect, the perfect number of people, the perfect combination of beautiful ladies and YOU!" Lisa Vieira, Event Planner    Jan Levie was an entertainer at our daughter’s Bat Mitzvah and she was undoubtedly the Piece de Resistance! Jan’s professional manner made us choose her over other entertainers. She made an appointment with us well before the event, in order to meet our daughter and clarify our vision for the party. When we met, it was as if we had known Jan for years. More importantly, she immediately connected with our daughter! Every guest at our party, from young children to older adults, sat at her “tent” to have their palms and lips read. What an amazing experience that was! We were most appreciative of Jan's positive attitude, kindness and warmth. It goes without saying we have gotten incredibly positive feedback from many of our guests about Jan’s readings. We highly recommend using Handy Entertainment for a memorable party. Michal and Julie     "I have had the opportunity to work with Jan and Handy Entertainment on more than one occasion and I have to say that she does not disappoint. Her craft is creative, out of the box and spot on. Her caring spirit adds to the authenticity of her showmanship. If you want to add a unique, entertaining solution that your guest will never see coming, to one of your events ....then you'd better get Jan on the phone and book her before she becomes the Handy Entertainment to the Stars. Speaking of stars....I give her 5 stars. You won't be disappointed." -Carlton Brown, CEO Occasional Occasions    "Thank you so much! You went above and beyond with our short turnaround and Bruce sent over a picture of the booth and the line. Much much appreciation!" -Leslie H., Marketing Director for Corporate Trade Show    "Jan, you are amazing and such a talent. I would recommend you to anyone who wants a unique presence at their event. You added color, texture and intrigue. People were captivated by your personality and your insightful heartfelt words. Thank you again!" -Jim White, Jim C. White Designs     "Naja entertained at a friend's 50th birthday party, and she was a hit! I have since been at several parties where Naja was present, and in all cases she is wildly popular. She spends significant, meaningful time with each reading, and leaves people feeling good. And her costumes are fabulous!“ -Carrie H.    "Jan was a hit at our Earth Day Event. She "Naja Elieva" did lip readings and told our technology fortunes. Jan is a fabulous entertainer and so much more. She is a brilliant, creative strategist with a heart of gold. Anything she does, she does well with style and class! My guests are always amazed at the accuracy of Naja Elieva! How does she do it? Thanks so much Jan for making our Earth Day Event very special!" -Mary S. Hester, CEO, LAN Intelligent Technology Solutions    "What an unexpected delight! I attended an event recently with Naja’s readings. She is gracious and warm, has a great energy about her and is just an absolute pleasure to engage with. The reading was fantastic, her accuracy was incredible. The whole experience made the night quite unique and totally memorable!” -Blair C.    "Great talent and entertainment value and satisfaction. My guests (all 120 of them) raved about the fortune teller Naja and there was a constant line out the door to partake of her wisdom and insight. We needed two of her to satisfy the demand. Everyone agreed she was amazingly accurate, insightful and engaging. She's the real thing." -Judith Blasé    “The School of Medicine at Emory University used this company for our staff appreciation carnival and everyone had great things to say." -Kristy W.    "Loved it – made my party so special. People still talk about how wonderful the 'fortune teller' was." -Amy Rosenberg    “Your lip reading at Purim Off Ponce, has acted as somewhat of a guiding force for me. I really do mean that. Great intuitiveness & insight.” Alan Sugar    "Jan was able to help me create a magical 13th birthday party for my daughter, and her friends (parent and child alike)." Beth Fornos Kellerman    "Jan is a great entertainer. Working with her is a dream. We love every minute of being with her." Sharon McMahon, Cindy Brown, Wedding Photographer Cindy & Sharon, Same Sex Wedding Photography     "Jan is one of the most unique entertainers I know! I've never seen anything quite like it. I'd recommend her for any event. She's also a very kind and professional woman on top of that. Such a delight to have met her." -Erika Dawn, Owner, Lead Singer: The After Party Experience LLC    "Thank you for sending my lipreading. What a treat to see such an on-target reading from merely pressing my lips to a piece of cardstock! I shared your email with several co-workers and my mother. All were quite impressed with your skills." -Diana G.     "What a wonderful, memorable evening thanks to Naja! People are still impressed and mention what a great time they had and how much they enjoyed having their fortunes told.” -Esther Smail, Bloomington, IN    "Jan was hired for a breast cancer event by myself. She did a great job at the event. She was very friendly and worked well with all of my customers. I would highly recommend Jan for any event!" -Taryn Reed, Strategic Marketing Professional     "Naja Elieva was the hit of my 225 person fundraising event! There was a steady stream of people waiting to see her the whole evening. Her highly professional costume and persona added to the ambiance and fun of the party. She was so well received that I’ve invited her back to this year’s event.” -Rebecca, Director of Non-Profit
Nightmare on OGLE Street by Handy Entertainment, video by Properly Weird Video.

Live Lip Reading at Impression Bridal

Handy Entertainment produces interactive entertainment. Chocolate Lip Reading + Zoltar Fortune Teller Booth (free human included) are among our signature , and other innovative activations. Smart cookies use our customized and individualized entertainment to connect and engage with their guests, clients, and prospects.

We proudly serve all people.

Handy Entertainment produces unique, individualized, and interactive event entertainment. Build bridges, forge relationships, get quiet people talking. Spellbind those over-communicators into silence.

Why do we need entertainment?

“Do we even need entertainment?” some people ask. Think about this—most of your family has a lot of catching up to do. They also need some leisure activities where they can just relax and recharge. Strengthen your relationships with other family members at the same time.

A case study about a family. A big family.

One family asked us if we could create an activity for them that would provide them with a keepsake. We did them one better and launched the ‘Smith’ Family Step ’n’ Repeat!

What the family did. They used a simple backdrop printed with the outline of a tree. The tree showed their various branches. The family took turns pressing their handprint, lip print. Some wrote about what their family meant to them on the Step ’n’ Repeat. Our readers gave each person a reading based on their unique print or script. The family had a photographer take pictures of each other in front of the tree. At the end of the reunion they held a drawing to see who would take the backdrop home with them. We helped this family choose the lipstick and marker colors.  They gave us a tree jpg in advance to print. The great part was even little babies could make prints with their little hands or feet.

Zoltar Fortune Teller Booth. Something more individualized is our Zoltar Fortune Teller Booth. Mahogany-stained, solid wood panels, a  remote-controlled, 64-light programmable LED board. 84.7″ h x 35″ w x 21″ d. Your Zoltar can speak, write, and SHARE information.

How You Can Use Zoltar. Share important or just fun information about you, your client, your company, your product, your star, or your special day! There is even a secret trap drawer that opens to the outside. At first glance, Zoltar looks like an automaton carnival figure. When he moves slightly, he grabs your guests’ attention.

Zoltar As Your Information Booth. Have guests get their fortunes from Zoltar—Palm Readings, Lip Readings, Chocolate Lip Readings, Handwriting Analysis. Let’s figure out what works best for you. Zoltar makes a perfect add-on to a long dinner, a rehearsal dinner, a reception, a dance party, or even a picnic. Zoltar is great to pull people in. Put him where they can wander off and still be a part of the group.

Strolling Entertainment. Did you know you you can have strolling entertainers that help with traffic flow? Strolling entertainment can visit with guests with mobility differences. Have costumed characters give your guests readings at their seats: coffee cup readings, tea leaf readings, Lip Readings, palm readings, handwriting analysis. The sky is the limit.

Handwriting Analysis. Would you like to have interactive handwriting analysis as part of your backdrop? Have folks write a phrase about your guest(s) of honor. Project their words on a screen, or wall, in real time while they get readings.

Handwriting analysis and Lip Readings can be done on linens, stemware, or special memory books.

Contact us today at info@handyentertainment.xyz or 404.424.9196. We look forward to hearing from you!

Who We Are Handy Entertainment, a subsidiary of A Handy Little Company LLC, is based in Atlanta, GA. We produce unique, interactive entertainment and activations, variety acts, and help people be a part of your event. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, foundations, and social and educational institutions, families, think-tanks, marketers, and government entities. The only thing people will really remember about your event is how it made them feel.

Tell us your venue, number of attendees, date and goals, and we’ll work with you to create a storyline of engagement.

1. What is your best-expected outcome?
2. What do you want your guests to know?
3. What do you want your guests to do?
4. What will they take away?
5. How will this impact your bottom line or brand recognition or organic spread of your message?
6. Can you track it?

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