9/6/11 Letter to Inya Faas

Dear Inya Faas,

I need some advice, and quickly. I love going to parties, I really do. I’m cute, fun, nice and have a great sense of style and, well–I AM kind of shy, and even though I really care about people, they don’t always know that. Anyway, I would love to get invited to more parties. Soon.

Yours truly,

Lessie Thanpfun,
County Antrim, N.I.

Dear Lessie,

You poor dear! I feel your pain. What you need is a nice hot bath. Although you are probably accustomed to the cool dreary weather in Belfast, it does put a damper on things. I suggest you throw a huge party, and be sure to hire Naja Elieva of HandyEntertainment.XYZ to entertain your guests. They will enjoy themselves so much (and you will know how much they appreciate you) because your post box will be filled to overflowing with reciprocal invites!

Stay warm, sweetheart,

Inya Faas