Jan Levie

Why corporate clients choose us

Four women in black dresses on the red carpet in front of the Cirque du Soleil Luzia backdrop, festooned with flowers.

Why corporate clients choose us Handy Entertainment understands what our corporate clients want to achieve. We create solutions that are fulfilling, ‘sticky,’ and forge connection. We use art, technology, science, psychology, world culture, cuisine(!), and much, much more to make your event about you and your attendees. Other entertainment companies Other entertainment companies are focused Why corporate clients choose us

Generating ideas

Cirque du Soleil Lip Print Analysis

How to be creative: start by doing and making stuff. Try to make your project MORE difficult; look for the problem, find the joy!

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Jan Levie in studio.

Handy Entertainment helps boost your business and connect your guests with top event entertainment. See James Tsimanakis do a Lip Print Reading!