Characters are the heart of any event, big or small, fancy or simple. Give our costumed characters a try! Let them help you keep your guests save, get people to move from one area to another, and just plain brighten your day! Santa Claus, fairy princesses, opera singers, dancers–all of these are characters–but all of <strong>our</strong> characters have heart!

NYE 2021

NYE 2021 - Jan Levie

Fortune NYE 2021 ruminations about Fortune – Do you think fortune, love, and money are about ‘finding’ the right person, situation, or thing? Take a look at what constitutes ‘luck’ and you’ might be surprised. By trying things, being in the moment, seeing situations as opportunities, not trying to figure out the entire trajectory of NYE 2021

Do Your Own Tarot

Tarot Readings with two women at event

So you want Tarot readings at your next party and we are already booked? Don’t despair! We’ve got you covered! NY Times Guide: Tarot for Beginners What you need: Use a Tarot deck that you like. There are so so many different kinds available ranging from classic decks to hand painted ones. You will find Do Your Own Tarot

Clean Halloween?

NOT a Clean Kid's Halloween Party!

A clean Halloween means doing our best to keep kids safe. Some neighborhoods are hosting simple tables at the entrances or drives. Trick or Treaters are welcomed and pick up there treats. Where will you spend the holiday this year? Staying home, going out? Invitations are pouring in, people are confused. Is it safe to Clean Halloween?