Children–what do you want them to experience and how do you want them to experience it? Kids love parties, their own or someone else’s! Sometimes the party is for them and about them, sometimes they’re included, and sometimes they are barely tolerated. The three basics are safety, comfort, and age-appropriateness when children are present at a function. Safety could be as simple as baby gates. It might mean ensuring that no known allergens will be brought in or shared. Pools and other bodies of water are the single greatest hazard facing small children. Be sure that coverings are on all pools and tubs and LOCKED DOWN. Make sure that there is no way for a child to make it to the lake, creek, ocean, or pond. Alarms, chaperones, sitters, do whatever it takes, but keep them safe! When it comes to comfort, it gets tricky–some children like loud things, some like a variety of flavors, some like warmth–the list goes on. You’ll want to check that your young guests have their comfort essentials: food, water, or milk, sunscreen, hats, goggles, earplugs, a warm jacket, gloves, bug spray. Age-appropriate is a tough area to conquer. Start out with what the family thinks is age appropriate and go from there. If you take care of these three simple things, you will be well-prepared for your next party with- or for children!

GWBC Open for Business

In this interview with Open for Business by GWBC with Lee Kantor, Jan Levie discusses how working with event professionals will save you time and money.

How to Read Lips

Girl enjoying Lip Print Analysis

You want to know how to read lips–this is the BEST place to start!
On top of providing top entertainment for select groups, we can teach your group the basic skills for analyzing lip prints!