Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are the basis for everything that we do. All our people are trained in multicultural competency; everyone is aware of disabilities and invisible disabilities and always go the extra mile to ensure that everyone at your event is treated with kindness and respect.

Bold Journey

Jan Levie at AFP 2023, San Diego

Let it begin with me. By making event professionals aware of drug deaths due to opioid overdoses and providing them with Narcan and instructions on how to use it, I know we can make a difference.

Trade Shows – What you do matters

Computershare team at AFP 2023 Conference

Handwriting Analysis aka Graphology is the perfect attraction for your trade show booth. Quick, fun, and useful for everyone. Use branded cards and pens, or ask us how we can help your brand, product, or business SHINE!

On Being a Language Concierge

Woman smiling in front of Georgia Entertainment Backdrop

Help your VIPs understand and be understood at your next important event. Our Language Concierge Service will coddle and pamper your special guests and allow them to connect with ease and not miss the nuances of interactions.

Why Call Everyone ‘Captain’?

Captain Kirk from Strar Trek

Why should address everyone as ‘Captain’ is a way to address the fact that we need polite forms of non-gendered address to be able to speak respectfully with everyone, no matter how they identify.