Between 2 Trains

Between 2 Trains – Jan Levie of Handy Entertainment interviewed by Jason Wieloch and Van Pappas Between 2 Trains – Jan Levie of Handy Entertainment answers fierce questions from Van Pappas and Jason Wieloch. Between 2 Trains focuses on entrepreneurs, what they do, why they do it, and most importantly, how they do it. This episode … Read more

Atlanta Party Connection Article 9/15/17

A Beautiful Bat Mitzvah

Celebrate Mitzvah Guests with Specialty Entertainment While the focus of a Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebration is the guest of honor, don’t forget to honor the guests who came to celebrate with you! With Atlanta families hosting friends and relatives from across the country, and sometimes around the globe, it’s becoming increasingly popular to create … Read more

Deutsch for Real People

Deutsch for Real People is a German Language and Culture series that AIBTV is producing. I get to co-create and moderate. Some of the episodes have covered strange and wonderful things–like yesterday, in beautiful, Alpine Helen, Georgia. Helen is nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Georgia. About forty years ago, … Read more

News Article Atlanta Jewish Times

News Article Atlanta Jewish Times

Jan Levie Can See Your Party’s Future
Now a staple of Atlanta-area celebrations, Jan Levie and were not always known as providers of arcane entertainment. It all started with a Halloween event at Montgomery Elementary School in Brookhaven at which she was tasked with performing a few scary stories for the children.

“One of the parents had to step away, and she asked me to fill in,” Levie said. “She had some kind of crystal ball, and I couldn’t really tell what to do with it, so I told someone to stick out their hand, and I read their palm. It was astonishing; people started lining up.”

That night gave Levie the first inklings

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MAAP Member Spotlight February 2015

MAAP Member Spotlight February 2015 Jan Harlin Levie Jan Harlin Levie is an entertainer at HandyEntertainment.XYZ, Event Entertainment. Q. What do you do? A. My name is Jan Harlin Levie and we are HandyEntertainment.XYZ, Event Entertainment. We entertain. Our clients are creative and innovative rule-breakers, brilliant and elegant. They are whimsical, piercingly intellectual, fierce and imbued with a singular … Read more