Speaking about things that matter to your group is the basis of every presentation. Non-verbal communications, multiculturalism, diversity, equity, and inclusion, disabilities, how to find the most amazing employees in the least likely places, vesting your colleagues, talent, and employees with the insight to make a change for the better–these are themes that run through my presentations.

What Innovate Means for Me

Jan Levie holding a microphone with a backdrop of blue and white balloons.

https://canvasrebel.com/meet-jan-levie/ Hi Jan, thanks for joining us today. Too often the media represents innovation as something magical that only high-flying tech billionaires and upstarts engage in – but the truth is almost every business owner has to regularly innovate in small and big ways in order for their businesses to survive and thrive. Can you What Innovate Means for Me

The Special Event | Catersource


The Special Event | Catersource is the annual conference that brings together the best the live events industry has to offer in terms of speakers, education, exhibitors, catering, decor, innovations, and extraordinary events celebrating the best the industry has to offer! Jan Levie  (CEO | Creative Director, Handy Entertainment) will be presenting. Location: Room 163 Date: Tuesday, The Special Event | Catersource