Corporate Entertainment

Corporate entertainment outside the box Corporate entertainment is more than just taking people to dinner and a game.  A corporate event is much more than renting a hotel ballroom. Hiring a band with your corporate logo plastered on the bass drum won’t make you memorable. Strengthen your business and the impression it makes and build … Read more

Social Events

Social Events  There isn’t anything that makes people feel as special as finding out what their unique gifts are at social events. So often we’re at an event where lots of people come together without knowing each other. The only thing they have in common is the person who invited them. They stand around and … Read more

Naughty or Nice?

Naughty or Nice:   Whether YOU are Naughty or Nice, we are always Nice. Pleasant. Courteous. Professional. Stellar. It’s up to you. Who do you want to represent you, your company, or your brand?

Thoughtful Seating

Thoughtful Seating

Are you at the table? Did you choose your table or were you seated at it? The same thing goes for your seat mates, the  proximity or distance you have to each other, and where your table is located in the grand scheme of things. Was thoughtful seating a part of the event?

When you are in the beginning phases of planning your event, take a look at how you can show guests how much you appreciate their being present by making them feel truly welcome.

Planners tend to set up a floor plan based on space and available furniture. That completely makes sense. Unless, of course, you have the means to base your design and seating arrangements on your guests’ needs, your priorities, and helping everyone feel included.

Informal events tend to be laissez-faire—more along the lines of musical chairs (think—who nabs the seat close to the dessert table?) 

Corporate events are intentionally more result-oriented. Who are the participants and what is the objective of the event: a meeting; presentation; awards ceremony; celebration;  conference or trade show, or break-out social time?

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Handy Entertainment & Putting it All Together

Handy Entertainment & Putting it All Together Figuring out where to have your event is not easy. Optimizing your venue by creating flow is not something most people even think about. Finding the right bites and sips that bolster the atmosphere you are creating–that is what people know about. These are just a few of … Read more

The Cost of Doing Business

4th of July decorating safety tips

4th of July decorating safety tips (courtesy of the City of Chamblee) 4th of July decorating safety tips that make a difference Here is what you need to know to keep it safe. The 4th of July is not only traditionally fun, but it is also traditionally the holiday with the most fires. These fires … Read more


Lip Readings Chocolate LipsReadings LipsReadings are like a snapshot of a person, what is going on with them now. Showers, promotional events, receptions, birthdays, mitzvahs, trade shows, holiday celebrations—attendees can  have their prints read together on the same card. You choose a lipstick sample, an individual applicator, apply lipstick or our handmade chocolate ganache lipstick using the … Read more

palm readings

Simple and as long or as quick as you want. Your guests  will discern trends, tendencies, and formative influences. Palm readings are tailored to fit your event—strolling, at a table, in our micro-environment (requires minimum 10’ x 10’), or at your booth or table. Palm readings can be for anywhere between 3-10 minutes per guest, or … Read more

interactive handwriting analysis

This is immensely popular at corporate events. You can opt for fine stationery and writing instruments, or use technology. Use a specific message for your guests to write for their handwriting analysis.  Your message can be projected as part of the background of your event, in real time, as guests write it. You can also have your prospects attach their contact … Read more