Weddings are not just about getting married. They are built on a series of events that bring people together and deepen relationships. From engagement, planning, rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony, reception, farewell brunch, and honeymoon–there are specific rituals. These rituals vary from place to place and different generations. Some people choose to observe them, and some people prefer to avoid them. Whatever you do, make your wedding about YOU!

On Being a Language Concierge

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Help your VIPs understand and be understood at your next important event. Our Language Concierge Service will coddle and pamper your special guests and allow them to connect with ease and not miss the nuances of interactions.

Be true to yourself

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Be true to yourself. Trying to follow trends, doing and having what everyone else has is a sure-fired way to miss out on the opportunities that being true to yourself will open up for you.

NO Photographers Allowed

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Select Clients, high-end events, celebrities’ events, milestone celebrations, extravagant and whimsical weddings all have top entertainment with great entertainers in common.