Changing Minds and Hearts

Handicap Parking

Disability Awareness

Changing minds and hearts through doing sounds hard. Is it really? While you read this, think about the time and effort that went into the steps leading up to the final action.

One Family’s Experience

A family I know has a severely disabled adult child who lives in a care facility. In front of the facility is a handicap parking space which is clearly marked. The family is dependent on the parking space to get their daughter to- and from her home and in- and out of their vehicle safely. 

A car that didn’t have a handicap parking permit repeatedly parked in the space. 

One Step at a Time

The family left a note for the car owner. The car was there again the next time. Then, they notified the authorities and had the car ticketed. It didn’t change anything—the car was there again when they went to use the space. Then they had the vehicle booted–same results. Finally, they had the car towed, several times. It was to no avail— the car continued to be parked in the handicap space. The family researched the vehicle owners address.

The next time they picked up their daughter, they went for a walk with her in her wheelchair to the vehicle owner’s home. There, they pressed the buzzer for the apartment. The person answered and they asked if he had a moment to chat. He invited them up to his fourth floor walk up. They replied that they couldn’t because of the wheelchair and asked if he could come down. He said, “Yes,” and came downstairs.

Help People Understand

They explained where their daughter lived and asked him if he’d go on a walk with them. He agreed. After a little while they asked him if he could push the wheelchair, which he did. They also needed to feed their daughter and give her something to drink – all which was not as easy as it sounds. While they walked, they explained to him why they needed access to that parking spot – to be able to get their daughter in and out of their vehicle safely. They asked him if he would not park there. He has never parked in that space again. 

What Does This Have To Do with Handy Entertainment?

We create and produce entertainment that makes a difference. We have a pretty good understanding of disabilities, but are always learning. We love to help people find their passion and to create jobs where they excel.

Most important of all–if you’re having an event and want to make it truly accessible, give us a call.