Chocolate Lip Print Analysis is BACK!

Chocolate ganache plus lip print analysis = fun for everyone! Include those people who stay on the sidelines. Guaranteed to mesmerize attendees of all ages, genders, and walks of life!

Chocolate Lip Print Analysis

Chocolate Lip Print Analysis is BACK!

Chocolate Kiss Readings are back and oh, how we’ve missed them! You kept asking when we’d have Chocolate Lip Readings again–and we LISTENED!

Just about everybody loves chocolate. Our proprietary chocolate ganache is perfect for making delicious and insightful Lip Print Analyses!

What kind of events are Chocolate Lip Readings good for?

ALL events are good for Chocolate Lip Readings! But a more detailed answer is that Chocolate Kiss Readings are perfect for events where some attendees might hesitate to put on lipstick. We have seen how much fun even applying lipstick is–even if you’ve never done it (or even considered it) before! Part of the fun is what happens when people change up their routines….


Routines make us comfortable. and help us function. A great event gives people new ways of connecting. Whether attendees are connecting with your brand or business, or with acquaintances, or even someone they’ve never met before, Handy Entertainment will absolutely give them something to talk about!

Banish routine and inspire creativity

We do so many things on autopilot every day.

Great scientists and writers have used a hack to spur their creativity for ages: engaging in a simple physical activity like a walk or a shower lets your subconscious take over and lets ideas and perceptions bubble up! Eureka moment!

And that is how Handy Entertainment helps you find and recognize love and inspiration!