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Corporate entertainment outside the box

Corporate entertainment is more than just taking people to dinner and a game.  A corporate event is much more than renting a hotel ballroom. Hiring a band with your corporate logo plastered on the bass drum won’t make you memorable. Strengthen your business and the impression it makes and build community. If you treat your staff, your vendors, your clients,  your business partners well, they will all go the extra mile. Show them that they matter to you. Be thoughtful about what corporate entertainment can be. Show them you care by personalizing your event. Does your entertainment bring people together? Make your event about the people you work with.

 How can we do something different this year?

Client or employee events don’t have to be big or elaborate. You can have a meal at a restaurant and have us entertain. Palm readers can go from person to person. Use your napkins for LipsReadings. Have folks write something about that person who made a difference this year. They can get their handwriting analyzed on top of it.

This past year we overdid the wow factor for a glamorous corporate holiday event. It was on a very cold night. We had so many people clustered around us, sharing and talking about their LipsReadings all night long. There were more folks with us than at the buffet and on the dance floor combined! (The food and music were spectacular, by the way.)

Use real people for your corporate events and build the kind of relationships that keep your employees, clients, and vendors loyal and happy. We can help you extend your company’s reach. A happy employee is a productive employee.

Ask yourself what you can do to make your corporate event different this year. How can you make it personal. Call us and we’ll help you come up with something that will leave people smiling and happy.

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