DeKalb Talks Tourism

Jan Levie in studio.

How you do it is the most important part of all.

DeKalb Talks Tourism

James Tsismanakis of Discover DeKalb talks with Jan Levie of Handy Entertainment about:

What Handy Entertainment does.

  • How it all started.
  • Finding, training, and hiring people with disabilities and paying them well.
  • Some of our clients.
  • What are Lip Print Analyses?
  • How does Handwriting Analysis work?
  • How can you use Handy Entertainment at your upcoming event?
  • What kind of events use Handy Entertainment?
  • How Handy Entertainment connects people and boosts sales.
  • Why every venue and event professional should have Narcan on hand.

They cover a whole lot of territory! Special thanks to Monika Damidi, Production.