Entertainment + Events

choosing the right entertainment

What is the mood of your event?

What Planners Need to Know

Planning events is like herding cats. You need to know where you want them to go and what you are dealing with.

What is 

the relationship between an event organizer and entertainer as an independent contractor?

An event planner can book entertainment directly, or through aggregators. Some examples of current aggregators are:

-The Perfect Wedding Guide
-The Knot
-Wedding Wire

Some emerging aggregators similar to Groupon and Scout Mob are:
-Wedding Nook
-Event Yoda

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Don’t compare raspberries to apples.

The Good-Quick and Easy Navigation
Aggregators provide you with an overview and generally do not require any human contact.

But what are you actually comparing? How can you really know what and with whom you are dealing if you are basing your decisions on someone’s ‘listing’?

The Bad-The Race to the Bottom
If you are using an aggregator to compare services, you might not be using the right tools.
All other things being equal, you will tend to base your choice on price.

The Ugly—Style and Production Values

Your entertainment will hopefully be chosen based on your event, attendees, and venue.
Cost does NOT determine value, but budget can allow for effective production values.

We’ll look at how agents can help in our next post.