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Our Beverage Skirt launched at the Atlanta History Center along with the Cyclorama.

Launching Our New ‘Beverage Skirt’! She holds 93 – 3 oz. test tubes and can be filled with candy, flowers, beverages, food, games, toys, messages, fortunes–you name it!

    • Our incredible ‘Champagne / Beer  / Whatever-You-Want-Her-To-Be Skirt’ holds 93 -3oz. test tubes that you can fill with a vast array of things like drinks, food, candy, fortunes, wedding escort cards, bubbles, toys, flowers, or balloons! We provide an entertainer and the test tubes.
    • You can also choose a specialty entertainer to add even more zest to your event. Our skirt does not have wheels and won’t mess up your floors or lawn. She can collapse down to accommodate small doorways and can take stairs.

To better help figure out if we are a good fit, tell us what you want your event to be

Handy Entertainment is certified by the Women’s Business Economic Council as a Woman Owned Small Business. We are fully licensed and insured. Oh, and we are reasonable. Our entertainment packages range from simple- to luxe-  to decadent-  and prices are from 1600- to 550-. 

Every event is different, and rates are tailored to what you want.

The question to ask yourself is why work with us?

These prices can help you determine if we are a good fit for you and your event. We work with other industry professionals to put together packages. We offer all kinds of entertainers, venues, caterers, and transportation options. Ask us about our add-ons:

  • Our sleek, beautiful, high-resolution Photo Booth;
  • musicians;
  • DJ’s
  • mixologists;
  • clowns;
  • rappers;
  • dancers;
  • magicians;
  • crooners;
  • big bands;
  • fire eaters;
  • ventriloquists;
  • and more.

Have us design and produce your takeaways.

Contact us at info@handyentertainment.xyz today for a free quote and let us help you come up with possibly the best event ideas you’ve ever had.

Your Decadence Package:

Your Decadence Package gets you six hours of entertainment.We can see anywhere from 120-180 guests, per reader depending on  how much time you want them to have.

Your Sweetheart Package:

Your Sweetheart Package gets you five hours of entertainment.We’ll see from 100-150 of your guests per reader, depending on how much time you want them to have. You’ll have up to five kinds of entertainment and our ‘MicroEnvironment.’ This tent-like structure lets you see and be seen. It creates a welcoming, cozy, mystical space-within-a-space. (Zoltar Fortune Teller Booth available for additional fee).

Your Luxe Package:

Your Luxe Package is four hours. It includes four kinds of entertainment. You also get our ‘MicroEnvironment.’ This is a tent-like structure that lets you see and be seen. It creates a welcoming, comfy, and mystical space-within-a-space. (Zoltar Fortune Teller Booth available for additional fee). We can see from 80-120 guests.

Your Standard Package:

Our most popular package. Elegant, with breadth and depth, budget conscious. Three hours are perfect for 60-90 guests.

Your Simply Basic Package 

Your Simply Basic Package is just that. Mix and match two hours with two kinds of interactive entertainment. (Zoltar Fortune Teller Booth available for additional fee). That covers approximately 40-60 guests, per reader,  depending on the amount of time you allocate per person.

Venues and Clients

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“Great talent and entertainment value and satisfaction. My guests (all 120 of them) raved about the fortune teller Naja and there was a constant line out the door to partake of her wisdom and insight. We needed two of her to satisfy the demand. Everyone agreed she was amazingly accurate, insightful and engaging. She’s the real thing.”

Judith Blasé

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