Our Handy ‘Beverage skirt’

We just say ‘A Bar Is Born’! Welcoming our Handy Beverage Skirt.

The Atlanta History Center and our 'Beverage Skirt'.
Our ‘Beverage Skirt’ at her premier at the Atlanta History Center.

Our Handy ‘Beverage Skirt’ is here! It’Our Handy Beverage-Whatever-You-Want-It-To-Be-Skirts pretty easy to see why everyone falls In love with her at first sight. She is exuberant, fresh, glowing, generous, nimble and fun! 93 – 3-ounce test tubes adorn her. Whether you fill them with different things or not, she’s a winner. You can use appetizers, desserts, soup, or candy, How about notes, fortunes, bubbles, drinks, beer, wine, wedding escort cards, scavenger hunt clues, lottery tickets, espresso or balloons? But what do you want to use? Do you have an event coming up where there is something to sample or nibble or play? Book her today!