Palm Readings

A Beautiful Bat Mitzvah
Palm- and Lip Readings–smelling the roses

Palm Readings (for those life moments when we’re not there)Palm Readings can be for up to 15-20 guests per reader, per hour, and are usually between 3-10 minutes per person, or for as long as you decide they should be. You can have readings for your guests that can be with- or without customized ‘messages’. Find out about your trends, tendencies, and formative influences. We’ll have your people nodding with approval, smiling, talking to each other, and amazed in just a few minutes!

Palm readings are tailored to your event––strolling, table to table, in our ‘micro-environment’ (requires minimum 10’ x 10’), our tent-like space that lets you see and be seen, be part of, and apart from the goings-on around you. Contact us today to book your event.