Zoltar the Fortune Teller

Decor, entertainment and intrigue all in one!

At first glance, Zoltar looks like an automaton carnival figure. With every little move, he grabs your guests’ attention. When you book Zoltar the Fortune Teller, you get multiple entertainment options all in one. 

How You Can Use Him

  • Share important or just fun information about you, your client, company, product, honoree and more! 
  • Position Zoltar to keep guests on the sidelines included in the fun
  • In addition to fortunes and information, Zoltar can provide Lip Readings, Handwriting Analysis, Palm Readings and much more!
  • You tell us the messaging and we make sure that Zoltar delivers it in a fun, interactive way.

The Details

  • Mahogany-stained, solid wood paneled booth
  • Remote-controlled LED lighting system
  • Remote-controlled, 64-light, programmable LED board
  • 84.7″ h x 35″ w x 21″ d
  • A snazzy Zoltar with the ability to speak, write, and engage with guests
  • Customized Zoltar cards included 

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