Zoltar fortune teller booth

Zoltar - crowd

Zoltar – crowd

Zoltar will tell you where to go

Zoltar fortune teller booth

Our Zoltar fortune teller booth: Mahogany-stained, solid wood panels, a remote-controlled LED lighting system, remote-controlled, 64-light
programmable LED board. 84.7″ h x 35″ w x 21″ d. A snazzy Zoltar with the ability to speak, to write, to SHARE–put information that you, your clients, your company, your star–want to share with others.

” Jan, you are amazing and such a talent…I so appreciate your contribution to making the Heller Family so very happy with their daughter’s celebration. She was over the top pleased with how successful her event was.  I would recommend you to anyone who wants a unique presence at their event. You added color, texture and intrigue. People were captivated by your personality and your insightful heartfelt words. Thank you again!” Jim White, Jim C. White Designs

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