Giving Skirt

Giving Skirt with white cover and flowers

Amaze your guests with our Handy Giving Skirt!

Giving Skirt

We provide the container, you provide the content.

Activation and assistant are included in all bookings. Specialty performers contingent on availability.

QUANTITY: 93 3-oz test tubes

COLORS: Red, White, Black, Fuchsia, Spring Lawn, Wood Nymph

TIME: 2-hour minimum required

Specialty skirt designs by request

Minimize lines, pass out favors or just entertain…

How you can use the Giving Skirt

Like the song goes, “Give ’em something to talk about.” Save yourself another display table, wall, or server. Those items you want to distribute fairly? Put the corresponding tickets in the skirt and Basta! you have turned it into a random game of chance!

Maybe you have something more specific in mind, like a seating chart. Give each each guest and the corresponding table a color, number, or both, and let guests pull their welcome from the test tubes.

Make it personal: write a note to them. Give them a personal note of thanks, welcome, or a shout out about them, their team, or their achievements.

Perfect for ice-breakers.

Each attendee is responsible for “finding someone who”….and it is on their card!

Engage your guests with our fabulous Giving Skirt. This activation consists of a collapsible, tiered, hoop-skirt mounted on a pedestal with casters. A mannequin with a head, repositionable arms and articulated fingers tops her off! Go traditional and fill the 93 3-ounce test tubes with flowers, candies, or roses, OR go all out with special treats, song snippets, wedding escort cards, raffle pulls, and party favors or flavors!

The Giving Skirt will engage your guests AND create an additional ‘staff member’– all in one!

Unusual – Unexpected – Exciting!

The Giving Skirt can shock or amuse. Delight and entertain.

Use for event management and crowd control. Engage guests with custom add-ons.

The Giving Skirt is built on a base with casters. Specialty performers contingent upon availability. An opera singer or a violinist, the sky’s the limit!

What will you put in your test tubes??

  • flowers
  • candy
  • appetizers
  • wedding escort cards
  • fortunes
  • fun facts
  • giveaway locations
  • prizes
  • lottery tickets
  • oh, you can put food and beverage in them, too!

What kind of event is this good for?

  • Weddings!
  • Trade Shows
  • Fundraisers
  • Corporate Events
  • Family Reunions
  • Birthday Parties
  • Conferences
  • Festivals
  • Anniversaries
  • Holiday Parties

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