Handwriting Analysis

Handwriting Analysis, young, tattooed woman in paisley dress writing on step 'n' repeat.

Handwriting Analysis–telling the story

Handwriting Analysis

3-10 minutes per person

Positive, upbeat readings

Our costumed readers can roam through the party providing mini-readings as they mingle or offer longer readings from a designated spot.

Handy can turn any event into a love-fest of words with Handwriting Analysis! Need fun, intelligent, and really useful entertainment? We’ve got you covered–the writing’s on the wall!

Handwriting Analysis puts you back in control of what people are saying.

Handwriting Analysis is the perfect amalgamation between brainiac forensics and woo-woo artistry. Writing cements ideas and emotions and expresses who we are. Ask us about how we can make your brand shine in more ways than one. It is not just the writing, but where, when, and how we pull the elements together for your event.

Use something guests will take with them. Show what people feel and think about your brand, product, or company..

We find that wallflowers bloom with handwriting analysis, poets come out of the woodwork, and people get really clear about their relationships with you, themselves, and each other. Or let whatever we’ve all come up with together to be the focus of your event.

You will not believe some of the things people have used for Handwriting Analysis!

Handwriting Analysis has been used for hundreds of years to determine character, qualities, and traits. Trying to engage with nerds, scientists, tech people? Go ahead–try Handwriting Analysis with them! They will melt with admiration!

Need magical decor? Our cozy event tent creates a special ambience with draping, lighting and furnishings. Guests can see and better yet, be seen in this sweet little space. (This option requires a 10 x 10 x 10-foot area.)

Tell Me MORE About Handwriting Analysis!

Handwriting analysis gives you a way to connect and discover more of your potential and abilities. 

Splurge—treat your guests to a fine writing instrument with your event or company info engraved on it.

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