Lip Print Analysis – Events


Lips tell volumes about you…

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Lip Print Analysis

We provide guests with a branded Lip Card.

Individual lipstick samples or handmade chocolate ganache lipstick (for chocolate lip readings–in-person events only).

Guests apply lip color with an individual applicator.

Guest kisses the card!

Our costumed (or NOT costumed–your choice) lip reader will tell their fortune based on the lip print on the card.

Include guests who can’t be there in person by sending them a Lip Kit and including them in the festivities!

What IS a Lip Print Analysis?

Lipstick + Applicator + Individually Wrapped Makeup Remover = Fun + Insights

Chocolate Ganache for chocolate lip print analysis (in-person events only)

How to do a Lip Print Analysis

Trade Show Giveaways

Engage at conferences and trade shows by inviting people for a Lip Print Analysis. In addition to the onsite options explained below, we can also do custom mailers later.

Send Analysis Later

We’ll welcome them on-site, they make a print, and we send them their Lip Print Analysis at a time you’ve decided on, usually a few days later to remind them of your event.

Embed technology or add a message about your event, the date, or your special occasion.

Benefits for Your Event:

  • Entertainment everyone loves. People want to hear about themselves.
  • Connect your guests and get them talking! Even people who have never met will find common ground.
  • Tailor the cards to match your event – theme, colors, personal, or company branding.
  • Guests take a memento from your event and the experience (AND your company) stay top of mind! #goodmarketing
  • MOST important of all…. it’s fun!

Small Is Good

Despite what we have been trained to believe, mall is good. We have all attended the Mega Event – the concert, game, conference, or expo. We have actionable ideas to curate your guest experience and give each attendee an actionable or useful takeaway!

Handmade Cards with Your Message

What can a handmade card get you? Attention. Memories. People keep them. They show them off. They even frame them!


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