Bar & Bat Mitzvahs

Mitzvah - crowd around Zoltar

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Bar & Bat Mitzvahs

Whether a Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, or B’rit Mitzvah, we know how to make your guests happy, your child shine, and let you be able to enjoy the celebration! Over time, Mitzvah celebrations have been getting bigger, more elaborate, and much more adventurous.

It used to be that a boy would celebrate his Bar Mitzvah age 13 at the social hall of his synagogue with a Kiddush luncheon or at his Bubbe and Zayde’s place where everyone would gather for lunch, maybe dinner, and that would be it.

People marry later, have children later, and want to celebrate and share these milestones with friends and family. Families are truly dispersed far and wide nowadays.

We frequently work with families celebrating a Mitzvah with guests flying in from other countries. That adds another layer of complexity and expectations. You also have differences in time zones, customs, and cultures.

Families dedicate enormous time, energy, and expense creating celebrations for their child’s Mitzvah. Event more, it is also about their extended families and traditions.

What are the memories you want to create for your child’s special day? Use want entertainment that appeals to the kids, to you, and to your older relatives.

We help by creating a welcoming and fun environment that brings everyone together.

Why are we hands-down your best choice for your Bat- or Bar Mitzvah entertainment? Because we care. You might shrug your shoulders and say, “So what?”

Here’s why: People feel it, and they respond to it. They feel at ease and are able to connect and participate. They find common ground–and that makes them happy.

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