Birthday Parties

Tarot Readings with two women at event

Tarot and Lips for an exquisite birthday!

Photo: Manuel Llaneras Photography

Birthday parties are the BEST! Will you celebrate what you’ve accomplished, or do you want to strut your stuff and create an event that shows people where you’re headed?

What can you do to make it special? We’ve had the joy of creating entertainment for some show-stopping birthday celebrations. Give us a shout and let’s see what we can come up with for yours. Whether you want a subdued and elegant atmosphere or a rowdy and rambunctious fête–we will make it about you and your guests!

Reserve Your Birthday Entertainment Today!

Birthday Celebration--two women smiling

Will cake and karaoke cut it? I think not….

Remember: The only thing people will remember about your event is how it makes them feel.

They want to feel good about themselves, want to be able to meet people, greet old friends and acquaintances, create synergy, maybe….

Put some mystery, giggles, fulfillment, and change into your next birthday….make it special!

After all you’ve accomplished you owe it to yourself!