Community Events

Smiling Group surrounds Zoltar in Booth

“What you don’t know can’t help you.” -Naja Elieva

Community Events connect

Event entertainment is the simplest way to reach people, pull them together, and mobilize them. Choose a theme (or have us help)!

Our event entertainment will entertain. That’s a given. More than that, use us to share your accomplishments, distribute your call to action, and inspire your people!

How we helped a non-profit

How? Simple. Here’s an example:

A Not-for-Profit hired us to help them reach their sponsors and donors. We used the back of Zoltar cards to list both ‘Wishes’ and ‘Your Wish is Granted.’ Each ‘Wish’ was a problem facing their community. Every ‘Your Wish is Granted’ showed how they had successfully solved that problem.

They called and thanked us again after the event. “Our community REALLY found out for the first time what we actually do!”

Results: Their donations skyrocketed. They had more people applying to volunteer than ever before. Want to track it? Ask us how!


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