Grand Openings

Launch with two happy women

If you go beyond the usual, you will attract beyond the usual – both in numbers and in quality.

Grand Openings

How to maximize them

Grand opening events are the most effective way to open a new location or business and generate interest and excitement in it!. More than that, the right kind of Grand Opening entertainment will not only attract your ideal clients–but get them to stay, relax, and CONNECT!

Why take the trouble?

Event entertainment builds suspense, or invites people in, or tickles their fancy, or makes them think. What is the atmosphere you want for your grand opening? The key to attracting more visitors is to engage with them. What makes people happiest? Something they love, something they yearn for, and something that makes them feel seen.

How to engage

Engage with people where they are or take them to the next level. Highlight the special character of your launch. Amplify your next business event with specialty entertainment and increase your visibility and bottom line. There is a direct connection between creating a welcoming atmosphere and attracting more people. This will increase your exposure, attract more clients and media interest, and increase sales.

Positive experiences

Positive experiences at an event encourage attendees to share their experience and recommend your business to others. Event entertainment also gives attendees the opportunity to interact with the business or brand and its offerings. That, in turn, leads to increased engagement and business opportunities. Additionally, event entertainment builds excitement and generates a buzz about the grand opening, drawing in more attendees and making your event a success!

The best reason

And here’s the coup de grâce–you are giving visitors an experience. It goes without saying that an activity AT your new location or WITH your new product is the best way to help people connect with you and your new location or product. There is something so memorable about an experience, especially when there is a memento to take home, keep, and treasure.