Product Launches

Giving Skirt with Flowers

The Cyclorama launch

Product launches and those launches designed to introduce a new location, person, or concept to the market and generate excitement and interest in it can take your brand or business to the next level overnight.


Unusual, engaging, and interactive event entertainment will absolutely create a more dynamic and engaging launch atmosphere for that person, place, or product. Whether you need to introduce a physical location, a new line of merchandise, or even a new team or leader, great entertainment will impress your clients and make them remember you for all the right reasons!

Take the awkwardness out of the equation (no dear, women generally do not find it exciting to see gorgeous young women, with big smiles and scanty outfits demonstrating products). On top of that, young people, unwilling spouses, or others trailing along need something to actively engage them while you strut your stuff to the buyers.

Will great entertainment and activations increase exposure and interest in the product? You better believe it! Participants are much more likely to talk about and recommend a product, or business (yes, even an unglamorous one!) to others after a positive and memorable experience.

Let us design event entertainment for your specific needs and create opportunities for attendees to interact with the product and with the company launching it. This increases both engagement and sales!