Five Simple Tips for Presentation Success

Presentation Success--Woman giving presentation outdoors to audience.


Five simple tips

Below are five simple tips to help you make your next presentation a success. With so many events currently being held outdoors for safety reasons, you may need to make an adjustment or two.

Frequently, events are moved outdoors with little or no advance notice. What should you focus on? Be visible and audible!

Make yourself HEARD!

1. Did you know that the most common reason audiences tune out is because speakers don’t use the microphone properly? Get up close and personal with the mic. Set it up so you don’t have to hunch or reach to get to it. The speaker should be close enough to kiss that mic while looking at the audience with ease.

Make yourself SEEN!

2. Using an LED display screen (which is brighter than an LCD) to accompany your outdoor presentation? Awesome! Set the brightness settings at maximum output. Make sure the display is bright enough to be easily seen in daylight, or set a pin spot light on it to increase visibility in sunlight.

Correctly size your text

3. What about the text on your slides? What size font should you use? 24-30 pt is recommended, but the bottom line is whether people can easily read it.

Speak clearly!

4. Enunciate and slow down. Practice your presentation. Record it. Listen to it. YOU know what you’re talking about, but assume nobody else has heard it before.

Tell the story

5. Tell your story. Even if you are not the only speaker, tell your story. Make it short, sweet, and memorable. What do you want people to take away from your presentation? Most important: Have fun! Hopefully, these simple tips will help you make your next presentation a success.

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