Geri Sims

Traditional wedding by Geri Sims

One of a myriad of Geri Sim’s beautiful work.

Geri Sims spoke at our April ILEA Members-only Mastery Luncheon at Legacy Test Kitchen (more to come on this GREAT and cozy venue!). How often do you find someone who creates and then masters their niche? Geri created hers. She is a Fabric Master. Geri Sims is an artist without the drama, an architect who is a builder, a decorator who focuses on the essentials and enlists other vendors for the rest, a fire marshal, and a Voice of Reason packaged inside a strong, beautiful, brilliant, and capable woman. Geri doesn’t tolerate fools, nor will she let you hang fabric from places that can’t properly and safely support it. She has a perfect eye, a steady hand (watch her create swag in a second!), and takes no prisoners.

Geri Sims drapes venues for weddings, mitzvahs, corporate events, fundraisers, and ‘just because’ events. She works for the famous, for the budget brides, country clubs, historic venues, and fellowship halls. Most importantly, Geri understands the cultural mores that allow her to inobtrusively help other vendors collaborate in creating successful, multi-cultural events: Whether Asian, Indian, Ethiopian, Jewish, Episcopalian, or other, Geri knows what is needed, what is expected, the right questions to ask, the correct presentation, the likely timeline, the points that might hiccup and stutter, and how to prevent them from happening. She knows and accommodates the most obscure superstitions, and figures out how to make everyone happy in the process. Just how important is it to have sufficient liability insurance, and to get an annual permit from the fire marshal? Just ask those people whose events were shut down on the day of [add name and date of your special event that you’ve invited so many people to attend.]
Geri has recently begun collaborating in Georgia’s burgeoning film sector, working her magic as an Art Director. It is a privilege to learn from the best! Thank you, Geri!