Event Consultation

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You can’t afford to have your assistant (or kid) vet and source venues and vendors.

Event Consultation

We help you source what you need from the best vendors, avoid pitfalls, and save money!

Save time, money, and anguish!

Sure–you can find everything on Google–but will you see those missing steps in the back of the venue?

How about knowing how to make sure the food you are being served is the food you paid for?

What you should pay attention to

You are selecting vendors. Picking a venue. Most likely you have a couple of recommendations in your pocket and a fuzzy recollection of a number of places you’ve seen. “It can’t be that hard,” you think to yourself, taking notes and sipping coffee. “Oh, I know! I’ll have my brother/sister/mother/best friend/significant other help me!” Ha!

Little do you suspect that Significant Other doesn’t know how things are ranked on Google, that Brother has no friggin’ idea of how much of what you need, and Mother has always done things the way she wants.

Avoid hot messes

It can turn into a hot mess quickly. Imagine the difference between hosting Book Club as opposed to planning an itinerary for arguably the most important event of your lifetime?

When you are vetting services, venues, and vendors, how can you compare apples to oranges? What does everything included really mean, and why is that service provider so much less expensive than that one?

Think ahead

Be smart. Be proactive. Think ahead. Just because you’re an attorney doesn’t mean you should know how many half-rounds fit into a hotel ball room.

Get help from people who can help you get what you need, when you need it, from people you can trust, and at a fair price.

Why we can tell you things others can’t…

Why can we tell you and they can’t? Maybe that venue or vendor is their primary source of referrals, or maybe they work directly for that venue or vendor.

Free Agents

We don’t. We are free agents, sassy, and tell it like it is.

“Won’t my planner or coordinator tell me what I need to know?” In a perfect world, or with the right planner, absolutely and unequivocally, YES! Look at it like this–just like you might get a second opinion for a medical issue, you might want to seek out a second opinion on one of the most important moments of your life.

Why should we use you?

Handy Entertainment has created and designed over 900 events since 2012. Our goal as event consultants is to save our clients time, money, and anguish. Our mission as event consultants is to give you the knowledge you need to make an informed choice.

We can help you choose the simplest and most cost-efficient ways to guarantee the success of your event. Look at your total investment, your goals, and decide where you need help. An example could be that you want another person to go on a site visit with you and your people are not available. Use us as your secret weapon to be proactive and well-informed.

We are your go-to for real and honest insights about your event. Save yourself time, money, and anguish by having us problem-solve from the get-go. We’ll help you get the low-down, nitty-gritty on what you need and why you need it.

The best part? We can help keep you out of trouble by identifying issues before they become problems.

What do corporate event professionals love about us?

We know what we’re doing and make them look good by taking the time-suck issues off their plate!

Social event planners know that we can do the grunt work for them, scout locations, hand-hold clients when they are too overwhelmed with the big stuff.

Think about it—we’re the ones that have been to the venue, supped on the food, ate the cake, checked out the linens, the pipe and drape, the acoustics, watched the load-ins and set-ups, and know first hand who is being naughty and who is being nice.

Pick your vendors and venues wisely

That doesn’t mean that the vendor or venue of your dreams are out of reach for you—we’ll just show you the common gotchas and land mines that others won’t or can’t.