Handy Photo Booth

Handy Photo Booth

July 2018 NACE Atlanta’s City Winery Event–quirky corporate LipsReadings and Handwriting Analysis 

All for A Smile

Quirky Corporate. LipsReadings Handwriting Analysis. Should I tell you what she said?


Georgia Production Partnership’s 2018 Summer Industry Party

It was a hot night in Atlanta at Third Rail Studios. That didn’t make anyone camera shy! Check it out.

What a Marvin-ous Party! Who would’ve imagined that a few short minutes before, they were tearing up the dance floor?  We had an amazing time and are glad we could help you celebrate! 

Marvin’s Surprise Birthday Celebration

Grant’s Chinese Bar Mitzvah

Magical mystical moments. Do you know what the Chinese characters say?











All in the Family!

Il tre Moustachios

Kirby’s Graduation Party

Gorgeous people! An extraordinary young lady. We were thrilled and privileged to be part of her big day.

Lip Sync Battle! Open the file here

Photos from ILEA Battle of the DJs at Le Fais Do-Do








AGLCC 4th Friday

A Handy Photo Booth was able to bring some cheer some friends up at the AGLCC‘s famed fabulous 4th Friday mixer. Thank you to you Luis Ruiz of the Mass Mutual Financial Group and Craig Hurlbut of the Westin Perimeter North Atlanta for being our gracious hosts.

What’s not to love?

As we gathered together, we realized that even the collapse of a major thoroughfare is not enough to keep us away. We had an amazing turnout!

They came, they nibbled, and they POSED!

A great night was had by all.

Check out some of my favorite people in the whole wide world, and-


Love is love, people.