Intuition in the Business World

Intuition in the Business World

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Business is about providing a service or commodity in exchange for money or another benefit or service.

Intuition is the ability to collate information that does not, at least superficially, have any connection.

To get things done, we create agendas, lists, and priorities.
We skirt issues, people, places and things that we perceive of as being ‘distracting,’ or are taught to avoid them in order to ‘focus’ on our primary goal(s).

By going into a situation, exploring an idea, arriving at a place without an agenda, preconceived agendas, we agree to be open to what is going on around us. Yes, you can play on your phone, make small talk, eat snacks, hold a meeting, floss your teeth, go to the grocery. It isn’t as much what we do or don’t do that informs us as our blinkers.

If I set up the contrivance to go to the meeting to woo new clients–that is a potential achievement. But I may overlook something even more relevant, potentially more akin to my initial desire, and oversee these possibilities entirely in my attempt to focus on this goal. Using intuition, I would notice that an acquaintance, usually dapper, looks a bit frayed and pinched, that her usual introductory banter is short, and that she is favoring one leg and clenching her teeth while gripping the bannister to go up the stairs.

Something is different. I ask how she is doing. Not so hot.

Do you always look out for your next, sale, deal, break, or win? Are you so busy building your business that you forget to build you, your family, your friends, community, life? Suppose you can hold even one more meeting a day, squeeze it in there, type up a proposal at your kid’s soccer game.

Don’t ask me, I struggle with this. Productivity or Presence.

Ethics, morals, building your team, charging your batteries, being successful, delegating, trust, relationships, creativity.

Creativity. My teacher once said to me, “My dear, everything has already been done. All you can do is put it together differently.”

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