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January 2024 pp. 96-97

Closeup of woman's lips coated in shiny pink and red lipstick and gloss.


Explanation of how to do your own lip print analysis, information about Jan Levie and Handy Entertainment, and the analyses of several staff members from The Knot along with images of their lip prints.

As seen in The Knot pp. 96-97 January, 2024

By Esther Lee

About the Expert

Jan Levie is the CEO and creative director of Handy Entertainment, an Atlanta-based experiential events company that offers lip readings and other entertainment options for the wedding day.

Nicole Taliaferro, Fashion Content Strategist
You are an avid researcher, and everything you do
is really full of your analytical abilities and emotional intelligence.

Samantha Iacia, Editor
Everybody knows you to be someone who’s very thoughtful and a bit quiet. You have an amazingly balanced, analytical side and emotional side.

Lauren Whalley, Fashion Editor, Beauty & Inclusivity
People listen to what you have to say:
They understand where it’s coming from and they know that they can learn from you.

Sarah Hanlon, Entertainment & Celebrity Editor
You are free-spirited and easygoing. You like to do things quick and dirty. When things are going your way, you are extremely agreeable.

Sofia Deeb, Assistant Fashion Commerce Editor
When I look at your print, the first thing I see is a bird taking flight. I also see
that your emotional life is extremely layered.

Esther Lee,
Deputy Editor
Your analytical skills fit perfectly into your emotional skills, but you run yourself ragged. I beg you, please be kinder to yourself. I see great things for you.

Lauren Kay,
Executive Editor
You are someone with an enormously big heart. Your emotions fuel your analytical skills. You’ve been putting so much energy into everything you do.

Emily Rumsey, Assistant Commerce Updates Editor
You’re constantly seeking to increase your analytical skills and always trying to learn more. Keep up with the self-care and learning.

Chapelle Johnson, Assistant Editor
You seem absolutely unflappable. What people don’t realize is that under that calm, stoic exterior is a rock who’s able to deeply feel what others go through.

Jamie Cuccinelli, Senior Editor, Sex & Relationships
You take on everything and anything, and you rule with your analytical side. You are so extremely organized.”

Read the full article, edited by the fabulous Esther Lee, that covers it all: The history of kissing, the best tips for effectively kissing (and not smudging!) for your wedding photos, a guide to do your own Self-Analysis, FABULOUS lipstick recommendations, and snippets of the analyses we provided for the brave staff at The Knot, based on the lip prints they sent us.

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