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Purim off Photos 2017 LIVE!

hint: who was it for?

Sad you missed one of the greatest parties of the year? Wish you had gone? The scoop…going up the ramp at Le Fais Do-Do (shout out to Marie Andujar and Larry–I love ya’ll!), we were welcomed by the magnificent crooner, Adam Komisar, belting “My Girl.” The official welcoming committee of SOJOURN GSD sprang into action, and we found ourselves surrounded by hundreds of fabulous, costumed, partying people supporting the enormously important work of the Southern Jewish Resource Network for Gender and Sexual Diversity. Bravo Rebecca Stapel-Wax, Director! You created a fabulous event with Designer Shane Garner. Movie stars, (I got to MEET Sonny & Cher!!) both live and inflated, Charlie Chaplins lining the room…and the Real Rockie came and hugged me. A Handy Photo Booth could only be there for a short time—that is NOT how we roll—but we had agreed to shoot a party that started later that evening, and were able to come be a part of the Fabulous Purim off Ponce 2017 for a short but wonderful time. Thank you and we hope you enjoy these photos!

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