Letter to Inya Faas from a Goode Man

Dear Inya Faas,

My wife is very busy and never gets around to calling her family for their birthdays, or even sending cards to her family and friends. It seems really awkward to ignore her family, but it is all I can do to stay in touch with my extended family. I’ve tried reminding her, but short of doing it myself, nothing changes. What can I do about this?
-Willard B. Goode

Dear Willard,

Although it is unfortunate that your wife is not able to send congratulations and thank yous to people herself, it is more common than you think. Short of writing and calling on her behalf, you might consider throwing an annual holiday party for family and friends with Naja Elieva of HandyEntertainment.XYZ to entertain them. What better, more direct way to let them know you care?
Hang in there,
Inya Faas