Live Lip Readings

Live Lip Readings at Impression Bridal gives you an idea of how we can add a little sparkle to the time you spend with your guests. Clients, prospects, friends, employees, contractors, families, estranged families, big families, little families–we’ll get them involved in something besides the latest hot gossip–unless you decide to have us include it! Get people talking who don’t know each other, and let us lend a hand. Whether you have us do Lip Readings, Chocolate Lip Readings, Zoltar Fortune Teller Booth, Interactive Handwriting Analysis, Palm Readings, Tarot Readings, Food Readings (unbelievably telling), Golf Ball Readings, or Coffee or Tea Cup Readings–you will get people involved. What will they remember about you and your event? The way they felt: Appreciated. Acknowledged. Welcomed.

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