A Bar is Born!

What a successful event needs: Putting together events–elements known and unknown, is a little like making stone soup with whatever your pantry will yield. Timeline? Check. Systems up and running? People where they’re supposed to be? Parking issues mitigated? Bouncers bouncing? Restrooms inviting? Who loads in first? Which power outlets? Where do you stash staff valuables? Valet here? Coat check–hangers! Warming kitchen, utensils, signage–what kind and where? Permits pulled? A/V set up, sight lines, breaking down food and drink stations to enable better traffic flow. Where are you going to sell things? Do they have cash? How are credit cards being processed? Where is your petty cash? Pens? Sharpies? Think giant multi-generational family on a long, long vacation with glamping, fancy event, and hanging out with friends in the wilderness all included. Herding cats, my friend, herding cats….

2018 Marriott Holiday Party with Santa Claus as Dance Captain
Trial run of Santa Claus for Halloween. Georgia Power let me through security!
When in doubt, just know, other people are more shy than you.

There is something magical about events. Somebody once said to me, “Jan, life is not a party, You’re lucky if you get to go to one every now and then.” I disagree. Plus, I don’t have to fret about outfits–they’re usually pre-determined.

Our Handy ‘Beverage’ or anything-you-want-it-to-be Skirt with 93 – 3 ounce test tubes filled with cider!