My First Palm Reading

My first palm reading blew me away. Everyone should learn how to read palms. It is so much fun, so satisfying, and an amazing way to get to know people.

The very first person to read my palms was a young lady named Kelly. It was in college. She had a wonderful and uncanny way of looking into people and guiding them. She also had a soft soothing  voice. We always ended up sitting around her and stretching out our palms for a reading whenever we saw her.

What She Told Me

I remember her telling me that I would travel so much I’d tire of it (I said, “Sure, right!”) and that I would end up working with celebrities and leaders, that there would be so many different chapters of my life that I couldn’t possibly imagine them from where I was in that moment. Oh, that I’d marry and have children (something I had never considered.) Kelly told me I was a leader, a guide, a clairvoyant, and that my path was one of courage. She told me how much I loved to forge my own way, that I loved to do things on my own, but that I would always be surrounded by people who loved me.

It was confounding. How could she know this? She told me I had the gift. That it was up to me to use it for good, and to go out there and start.

If you want to learn more about palmistry, here’s a nice guide for beginners.

If you want to see the stuff nobody else will tell you, see this little irreverent guide I made for you!

Let me know how you like it.