naughty or nice

Naughty or nice? Depends on who you ask. What might be very staid for one person or organization could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for another. Do you want to provoke or stimulate dialogue? One thing to be said about doing something new is that people are going to talk about it. Can you handle that? Is your organization and its Board on board?

Infotainment can be a wondrous thing. Like those invites to annual events where I prefer to pass. Sad, tired buffets with rubbery chicken and soggy noodles, silent auctions with things I don’t need or want, predictable heart-rendering speeches about what they’ve achieved with ‘your’ help…no, not really interested. I love to find new ways to share information, sell your products, get people to want to know more about your brand. If you want boring, tasteless, or predictable–get someone else to do your event entertainment!

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