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Corporate entertainment outside the box

Corporate entertainment is more than just taking people to dinner and a game.  A corporate event is much more than renting a hotel ballroom. Hiring a band with your corporate logo plastered on the bass drum won’t make you memorable. Strengthen your business and the impression it makes and build community. If you treat your staff, your vendors, your clients,  your business partners well, they will all go the extra mile. Show them that they matter to you. Be thoughtful about what corporate entertainment can be. Show them you care by personalizing your event. Does your entertainment bring people together? Make your event about the people you work with.

 How can we do something different this year?

Client or employee events don’t have to be big or elaborate. You can have a meal at a restaurant and have us entertain. Palm readers can go from person to person. Use your napkins for LipsReadings. Have folks write something about that person who made a difference this year. They can get their handwriting analyzed on top of it.

This past year we overdid the wow factor for a glamorous corporate holiday event. It was on a very cold night. We had so many people clustered around us, sharing and talking about their LipsReadings all night long. There were more folks with us than at the buffet and on the dance floor combined! (The food and music were spectacular, by the way.)

Use real people for your corporate events and build the kind of relationships that keep your employees, clients, and vendors loyal and happy. We can help you extend your company’s reach. A happy employee is a productive employee.

Ask yourself what you can do to make your corporate event different this year. How can you make it personal. Call us and we’ll help you come up with something that will leave people smiling and happy.

Social Events

Flowers in a glass sphere

Floral Centerpiece

Social Events 

There isn’t anything that makes people feel as special as finding out what their unique gifts are at social events. So often we’re at an event where lots of people come together without knowing each other. The only thing they have in common is the person who invited them.

They stand around and try to remember how to make small talk, try to see if there is anything they can do besides try to look cool while balancing a fork, plate, and glass.

We were at a wedding recently where people had flown in from all over the world. Many of them had never met before. Breaking the ice is key. Giving people a common experience, something simple, something engaging, and something that makes them feel engaged and special. We saw people sharing stories about their experiences with long-lost relatives, having deep and long conversations about what they’d just experienced. There are ways of adding entertainment to an event that are like a florist adding baby’s tears to a single red rosebud nosegay–each one sets off the other. See how you can do things differently to engage your friends and guests. Give us and tell us what you want to do and we’ll see how we can help.

Naughty or Nice?

10% off bookings finalized Labor Day Weekend!

All for A Smile

You know it’s not Naughty but it’s Nice, right? Quirky Corporate. LipsReadings Handwriting Analysis. Should I tell you what she said?



Whether YOU are Naughty or Nice, we are always Nice. Pleasant. Courteous. Professional. Stellar. It’s up to you. Who you want to represent you, your company, or your brand? 

GPP 2018 Summer Industry Party


GPP 2018 SIP

Georgia Production Partnership 2018 Summer Industry Party

Children’s Resource Network 25th Birthday

Children’s Resource Network 25th Birthday Gala Fundraiser

at The Avalon Hotel

CRN 25th Birthday

We’re all about letting your guests know what you do and how they can help you reach your goals. Is there something personalized you can share with them about your mission? Something your organization needs that they could help you with? We can put your message into what we deliver to your guests, and it can be earnest, irreverent, or just irresistably fun!







Thoughtful Seating

Thoughtful Seating

Are you at the table? Did you choose your table or were you seated at it? The same thing goes for your seat mates, the  proximity or distance you have to each other, and where your table is located in the grand scheme of things. Was thoughtful seating a part of the event?

When you are in the beginning phases of planning your event, take a look at how you can show guests how much you appreciate their being present by making them feel truly welcome.

Planners tend to set up a floor plan based on space and available furniture. That completely makes sense. Unless, of course, you have the means to base your design and seating arrangements on your guests’ needs, your priorities, and helping everyone feel included.

Informal events tend to be laissez-faire—more along the lines of musical chairs (think—who nabs the seat close to the dessert table?) 

Corporate events are intentionally more result-oriented. Who are the participants and what is the objective of the event: a meeting; presentation; awards ceremony; celebration;  conference or trade show, or break-out social time? + Read More

Voyage Atlanta Article: Handy Entertainment & Jan Levie

Voyage Atlanta Article: Handy Entertainment & Jan Levie

Voyage Atlanta Article: Handy Entertainment & Jan Levie


Between 2 Trains

Between 2 Trains - Jan Levie of Handy Entertainment

Between 2 Trains – Jan Levie of Handy Entertainment. Van Pappas and Jason Wieloch interview

Between 2 Trains – Jan Levie of Handy Entertainment interviewed by Jason Wieloch and Van Pappas

Between 2 Trains – Jan Levie of Handy Entertainment answers fierce questions from Van Pappas and Jason Wieloch. Between 2 Trains focuses on entrepreneurs, what they do, why they do it, and most importantly, how they do it. This episode takes a look at Jan Levie and her company, Handy Entertainment’s, path and where they are today. The question that ties it all together concerns Seniors and whether or not they should be allowed access to smart phones. This is a real cliff hanger, folks!

Our Handy Photo Booth

Our Handy Photo Booth

The beauty on the far right is Jan! (The beauty in the middle has chosen to remain anonymous–for now!)

We really like Jan. We like her so much that we’re going to share her website with you! 

Jan does fun things at parties!

One of our favorite things that Jan does is…

You ready for this? 

Chocolate lips readings! Yes!


Check out her website by clicking the pic!

The video you’ll see there is courtesy of Properly Weird Russell;


OH; and tell her that 2 of her favorite weirdos said hello!

Really. Tell her that.

Handy Entertainment & Putting it All Together

SOJOURNGSD 2018 at The Temple

Little Miss Muffet was not sitting on her Tuffet, but she was in a Fairytale evening event hosted by The Temple for the benefit of SOJOURN GSDHandy EntertainmentHandy Entertainment

Putting it All Together

Figuring out where to have your event is not easy. Optimizing your venue by creating flow is not something most people even think of. Finding the bites and sips that really bolster the atmosphere you are creating–that is what people know about. All of these and more are  ways that Handy Entertainment can help you and your event succeed.

Finding Trusted Partners

Sometimes, it really doesn’t matter who shows up to entertain at your event. Sometimes, though, it really DOES matter. Those are the times you should contact us.

Whether you need trusted event partners, planners, vendors, venues, assistance with figuring out what you really need, and how to prioritize that, we are your go-to for honest, reliable recommendations.

What we do is not for everyone. No cookie cutter solutions, no interchangeable people or elements. What we do is help you create YOUR event so it connects your guests and you in a real and fun way.

Let us help you create a real event for real people.

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