NYE 2021

NYE 2021 - Tarot Readings.

NYE 2021 – Exciting and Scary!


NYE 2021 ruminations about Fortune – Do you think fortune, love, and money are about ‘finding’ the right person, situation, or thing? Take a look at what constitutes ‘luck’ and you might be surprised. By trying out many different things, being in the moment, seeing situations as opportunities, and not trying to figure out the entire trajectory of an action in one go–these are the secrets of luck. Give it a go. What you see is not always what you get!


Sometimes using a ‘soft eyes‘ (as in martial arts) will give you the ability to see the Big Picture and not be side-tracked by irrelevant details. In essence, that is what all the means of divination are really about. Whether Tarot, palm readings, lip print analysis, or even coffee cup readings, focusing on your real question activates the connection between your subconscious and your rational mind.