Entertainer Booth

Contact-Free Entertainer Booth, Decor, And Intrigue All In One!

Entertainer Booth with Zoltar speaking with a well-dressed gentleman.


Entertainer Booth - Mysterious, Beautiful, and PrivateFortune Teller, Palm Reader, Lip Print Analysis, Tarot, and More!Elegant and Surprising

Entertainer Booth? This versatile booth can showcase your mascot, an historic figure, or popular entertainer. At first glance, it may look like an automaton carnival figure. With every little move, grab your guests’ attention. When you book the Entertainer Booth, you get multiple entertainment options, all in one!

A contact-free entertainer booth can provide SAFE, live entertainment including palm readings, lip print analysis, handwriting analysis, or good ole’ fashioned fortunes with Zoltar cards. Your guests are sure to enjoy their peek into the future.

Entertainer Booth

What you can do with our entertainer booth

It’s customizable and can do some pretty unique and astonishing things…

  • Share important or  fun information about you, your special day, your client, company, product, guest of honor, and more!
  • Need costuming specific to your event? Ask!
  • Have guests who can’t travel? Send Lip Kits and Handwriting Kits and include them in the fun live during your event.

Some quirky ideas for the daring:

  • Have a Confessional at your next event–your choice of clergy!
  • How about a psychologist giving people advice (like Lucy in Peanuts)

Extra Features

  • Secret trap door dispenses items hands-free.
  • Three-sided plexiglass booth enclosure and a dual sound system give your guests personalized and real interactive fun delivered in a safe way.
  • No waiting in line! Get pager notifications when it’s your turn.


“I hired Jan as a fortune teller for my birthday party. She was very professional and everyone thought she made them feel very comfortable. Her costume was great and she made my event enjoyable. I would hire her again.”

– Anne Yancey, National Director | State Credits and Incentives

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