Lip Kit

The Perfect Gift

Lip Kit card simple version


Lip Kit Includes:Lipstick Sample & ApplicatorIndividually Packaged Makeup RemoverHandmade Cards with Your MessageBranding Opportunities GaloreAsk Us About Interactive Handwriting AnalysisFor Virtual and Live Events

Engage at a conference or trade show by inviting people for a Lip Reading. In addition to the onsite options explained below, we can also do custom mailers later.

We’ll welcome them on-site, make a print, and send them their Lip Reading at a time you’ve decided on, usually a few days later to remind them of your event.

Embed technology or add a message about your event, the date, your special occasion.

Lip Kit

  • Give each guest a Lip Kit for a personalized and fun form of entertainment.
  • Provide lip print analysis to individuals or a group.
  • Use as a special give-away at an event!
  • Virtual or in person
  • For events, schedule lip print analysis before, during, and after your event.
  • Can you really tell about a person by reading their lips? Absolutely!
  • Your current state of mind, your health, your mood, your recent interactions–all of it is in your lip print.
  • Surprise a special friend with a Lip Kit on their special day. For special events, send a Lip Kit to each guest, let them participate at the live event, or let them get their lip print analysis virtually.
  • A simple, elegant box arrives by mail (or is hand delivered). Inside is everything you need to have a fun and engaging Lip Print Analysis!

What You Get:

Simple instructions.

Easy online scheduler.

Branded Lip Print Analysis card.

Single-use lipstick sample and applicator.

Individually wrapped makeup remover.

Special message or additional items from host or sponsor.

Most importantly: Meaningful, personalized entertainment.

What You Do:

  1. Schedule session.
  2. Receive Kit.
  3. Apply lipstick with applicator (sanitation is paramount!)
  4. Kiss the card!
  5. Text a snapshot of your card to our dedicated number (for Virtual).
  6. Enjoy your lip print analysis delivered in a private or group session.

Benefits For Your Event:

  • Entertainment! Everyone loves to find out about themselves!
  • Handmade cards are customized to your event theme, colors, personal or company branding.
  • Guests get a take-away that makes the experience (AND your event or company) stick in their minds #goodmarketing.
  • Most importantly…. it’s fun!

“I knew Handy Entertainment was going to be a great addition to my party, and they exceeded my expectations!!! My guests LOVED the lip readings, and I loved the full-service, can-do attitude! Jan made me feel like my event was the most important event for her. Can’t wait to plan another party with Handy Entertainment!!!”

– Allison Kelly

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