Special Event Entertainment

Special Event Entertainment that is Fun, and Fabulous!

Lip Print Analysis Cardwith Lip Print Gold and Blue


Get All The Feels, Include Everyone, and Make it Meaningful!ALL About Your Guests!Perfect for ALL Ages and ALL Events!

Have the party, celebrate your special day, and keep ALL your people happy!

Meaningful interactions bring joy, curiosity, and life. Add fun to your special day or your trade show booth! Bring people together, share fun, and build memories.

Whether you choose palm readings, handwriting analysis, or good ole’ fashioned fortunes via Zoltar cards, your guests are sure to enjoy their peek into the future.

Special Event Entertainment can Save Your Sanity (AND Save You Money!)

Special event entertainment — your secret sauce! Have you ever noticed that when people get together, they often don’t know what to say or do? That’s where great, interactive event entertainment will make you, the host/hostess shine! Give your guests a way to interact that is easy, fun, and exciting. Trust us–there is nothing more exciting to anyone in the world than hearing about themselves 😘! What are some of the benefits?

“I hired Jan as a fortune teller for my birthday party. She was very professional and everyone thought she made them feel very comfortable. Her costume was great and she made my event enjoyable. I would hire her again.”

– Anne Yancey, National Director | State Credits and Incentives

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