The Giving Skirt is a fun and elegant alternative to share items with guests, and move attendees through different phases, areas, or centers of your event. EVERYONE will want to follow! Eye-popping hoop skirt worn by entertainer holds 93 – 3-ounce test tubes! Ask us about Lip Print Analysis  using our Giving Skirt! Use for wedding escort cards, flowers, hand sanitizer, measuring sticks, appetizers, the list is endless. Suspended frame will not harm floors or gardens.

Giving Skirt closeup

Giving Skirt

Our Handy Giving Skirt will engage your guests AND add to the event staff – all in one!

Fun, Safe, and Happy

How would a Giving Skirt help keep your guests safe and happy? Move people from one event area to the next with fun and treats! When the performer moves, people follow.

Use proper event management and crowd control. Engage guests–safely. Costume keeps guests at a safe distance. The skirt frame  collapses down to fit through narrow areas.

No wheels to scratch or mar floors or lawn! Skirt comes with model, test tubes, and handler. Specialty performers contingent upon availability. An opera singer or a violinist, for example.

What do we put in  the test tubes??

  • flowers
  • candy
  • appetizers
  • wedding escort cards
  • fortunes
  • fun facts
  • giveaway locations
  • prizes
  • lottery tickets
  • oh, you can put food and beverage in them, too!

What kind of event is this good for?

  • Weddings!
  • Trade Shows
  • Fundraisers
  • Corporate Events
  • Family Reunions
  • Birthday Parties
  • Conferences
  • Festivals
  • Anniversaries
  • Holiday Parties

“I love Handy Entertainment’s fun and engaging style! The unique and creative elements are something that I always remember as a guest. I loved it so much that as a host, I was so pleased to have Handy Entertainment at my event.”

– Jaime Brewington Fulsang

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Strolling entertainer sitting on a sofa grinning

Strolling Entertainers

Strolling Entertainers can be fun, but most importantly, they can be functional. Moving guests from one part of a venue can be like herding sheep, OR it can be a fun and exciting!

Some past examples of characters we’ve personified:

  • Little Bo Peep for a “Fairy Tales Ball”
  • The Bearded Lady for a “Cirque du So-Gay” theme party
  • Cindy Lou Who for a “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” holiday party
  • Santas Claus for many different events
  • A character from your favorite series or film who joins your party or dinner?

And then there are random divas, cowgirls, steampunks, Vaudevillian performers, neo-goths, cyberpunks, and the list goes on and on….

What should your event mean to you and your guests? What do you want that Super Hero to be able to do? It’s not just about a person with a costume. We add elements that pull your theme together and change your guests’ experience!

In these interesting times, we need to add some humor and love to everything. What would it be like to have someone FUN enforce safety rules at your next event?

You want to make sure that those tweenagers don’t drink unattended cocktails or sneak off to the fire escape.

Your planner is way too busy making sure each facet of your event comes together as planned, with each piece in place, ready to go.

Your DJ and MC can make announcements about guest safety, or let guests dance one table dance at a time, but what about at the bar, buffet, restrooms, entrance, parking lot?

Wouldn’t you like to fob off the role of playing the bad guy/gal work of making sure guests stay safe onto someone who is fun and engaging (and visually ‘outstanding’) like our Smile Patrol?

Fill out the form below and let’s start scripting your perfect character!

“The quality of the characters, costumes, and personas will amuse and charm you and your guests into believing the setting you are in is dusted with fairy magic! Don’t hesitate to get them on your team for the next event you are hosting. You will be happy you did.”

– Marie Andujar

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Tarot Readings with two women at event

Tarot Readings

Tarot Readings bring life and magic to events

Tarot Readings bring an event to life! Ask about our Contact-Free Entertainer Booth!

Our strolling entertainers can help you include everyone in your event.

Need Quickies? The hands down best way to liven up a party and get things moving! Did you know you can have single card readings? Yes, it’s a Speed Reading, and like a nice cup of espresso, it will perk you up and sweeten your day!

Need to know what’s going on in your life? Get some clarity? Understand what you’re really doing? Have fun and gain insights? We can help!

Magical decor enhances everything

What about decor? Our cozy event tent creates a special ambience with draping, lighting and furniture. Give guests personalized experience they’ll remember. (This option requires a 10 x 10 x 10-foot space.)

Don’t worry about bad fortunes with us. We see only the good.

If you are hosting a party for children or teens, use Tarot readings to engage them, draw the shy ones out, and spellbind your would-be wild ones.

Is your team meeting for the first time? You could let them stammer about trying to find commonalities, but why not get them interested and excited from the get go!

Contact us to learn more!

“This was probably one of the best experiences I have ever had with an event entertainment company of this type. I received lots of compliments from everyone. I would definitely engage their services again.”

– Luis Ariel Ruiz

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