Lip Print Analysis

Lip Print Analysis is about exploring yourself, your current state of being, feelings, circumstances, and maybe even obstacles.We need to see them, otherwise they’re easy to trip over, right?

Reading lip prints is like glancing at a quick snapshot. Try it out yourself! Put on some lipstick at different times and in different places. Make a quick print, jot down the date, maybe where you are or who you’re with. Compare them. The obvious differences between the prints will shock you!

If you find yourself coming to a time and place that you want to make remarkable for all the right reasons, give us a call.

Strolling entertainer sitting on a sofa grinning

Strolling Entertainers

Strolling Entertainers can be fun, but most importantly, they can be functional. Moving guests from one part of a venue can be like herding sheep, OR it can be a fun and exciting!

Some past examples of characters we’ve personified:

  • Little Bo Peep for a “Fairy Tales Ball”
  • The Bearded Lady for a “Cirque du So-Gay” theme party
  • Cindy Lou Who for a “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” holiday party
  • Santas Claus for many different events
  • A character from your favorite series or film who joins your party or dinner?

And then there are random divas, cowgirls, steampunks, Vaudevillian performers, neo-goths, cyberpunks, and the list goes on and on….

What should your event mean to you and your guests? What do you want that Super Hero to be able to do? It’s not just about a person with a costume. We add elements that pull your theme together and change your guests’ experience!

In these interesting times, we need to add some humor and love to everything. What would it be like to have someone FUN enforce safety rules at your next event?

You want to make sure that those tweenagers don’t drink unattended cocktails or sneak off to the fire escape.

Your planner is way too busy making sure each facet of your event comes together as planned, with each piece in place, ready to go.

Your DJ and MC can make announcements about guest safety, or let guests dance one table dance at a time, but what about at the bar, buffet, restrooms, entrance, parking lot?

Wouldn’t you like to fob off the role of playing the bad guy/gal work of making sure guests stay safe onto someone who is fun and engaging (and visually ‘outstanding’) like our Smile Patrol?

Fill out the form below and let’s start scripting your perfect character!

“The quality of the characters, costumes, and personas will amuse and charm you and your guests into believing the setting you are in is dusted with fairy magic! Don’t hesitate to get them on your team for the next event you are hosting. You will be happy you did.”

– Marie Andujar

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Lip Print Analysis

Lip Print Analysis

How Lip Print Analysis Works:

  1. We provide guests with a branded Lip Card.
  2. Individual lipstick samples or handmade chocolate ganache lipstick (for chocolate lip readings–live events only).
  3. Guests apply lip color with an individual applicator (sanitation is paramount!)
  4. Guest kisses the card!
  5. Our costumed lip reader will tell their fortune based on the lip print on the card.
  6. Include guests who can’t be there in person by sending them a Lip Kit and letting them be part of the festivities!

Benefits To Your Event:

  • Entertainment everyone loves. People want to hear about themselves.
  • Connect your guests and get them talking! Even people who have never met will find common ground.
  • Tailor the cards to match your event theme, colors, personal or company branding.
  • Guests take a memento from your event making the experience (and your company) stick in their minds #goodmarketing.
  • MOST important of all…. it’s fun!

“I knew Handy Entertainment was going to be a great addition to my party, and they exceeded my expectations!!! My guests LOVED the lip readings, and I loved the full-service, can-do attitude! Jan made me feel like my event was the most important event for her. Can’t wait to plan another party with Handy Entertainment!!!”

– Allison Kelly

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