Bar Mitzvah entertainment

Bar Mitzvah entertainment can be just about anything, depending on the Bar Mitzvah, the family, and their guests.

Even though it has become standard to have a DJ, a dance floor, and candle lighting, you have so many options!

Need something quiet? That’s us. Need something fun? Yes! Do you want your entertainment to really be about the Bar Mitzvah? Ask us how we can create something wildly fun, riveting, and plain awesome!

Lip Print Analysis Card for irtual Sessions and Virtual Events - Lip Print

Virtual Sessions and Virtual Events

Virtual Sessions and Virtual Events Will Save Your Sanity (AND Save You Money)

Virtual Sessions and Virtual Events can be part of live events, too!

  • Celebrate those special moments NOW.
  • Birthday parties that keep everyone safe–what’s not to love??
  • Celebrate that Anniversary!


“I hired Jan as a fortune teller for my birthday party. She was very professional and everyone thought she made them feel very comfortable. Her costume was great and she made my event enjoyable. I would hire her again.”

– Anne Yancey, National Director | State Credits and Incentives

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