Fun activities for dinner parties can go far beyond dessert! Take, for example, using the theme of a popular series. Simply have your guests dress the part, align your menu with epoch, and have our fabulous entertainers come and do the rest!

Need some gossip on what the ‘family’ is currently up to?

How about parlor games attuned to the times?

Would you pay more attention at dinner if a famous person were your conversation partner?

Don’t leave it to chance. Save your next gathering from routine, shake it up, dust it off, put some life into it. Add us!

Lip Print Analysis

Lip Print Analysis

How Lip Print Analysis Works:

  1. We provide guests with a branded Lip Card.
  2. Individual lipstick samples or handmade chocolate ganache lipstick (for chocolate lip readings–live events only).
  3. Guests apply lip color with an individual applicator (sanitation is paramount!)
  4. Guest kisses the card!
  5. Our costumed lip reader will tell their fortune based on the lip print on the card.
  6. Include guests who can’t be there in person by sending them a Lip Kit and letting them be part of the festivities!

Benefits To Your Event:

  • Entertainment everyone loves. People want to hear about themselves.
  • Connect your guests and get them talking! Even people who have never met will find common ground.
  • Tailor the cards to match your event theme, colors, personal or company branding.
  • Guests take a memento from your event making the experience (and your company) stick in their minds #goodmarketing.
  • MOST important of all…. it’s fun!

“I knew Handy Entertainment was going to be a great addition to my party, and they exceeded my expectations!!! My guests LOVED the lip readings, and I loved the full-service, can-do attitude! Jan made me feel like my event was the most important event for her. Can’t wait to plan another party with Handy Entertainment!!!”

– Allison Kelly

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