demitasse coffee cup and saucer for coffee cup readings.

Coffee Cup Readings

Coffee Cup Readings – How to Warm Up Your Next Event

Coffee cup readings invite people to gather, to linger, to engage. There’s a reason they’ve been used in ancient cultures to bring people together–it is amazing to find out about your past, present, and future and share insights with you co-workers, employees, clients, friends, and family. We are all searching for ways to connect.

Sipping a beverage and learning about yourself will give comfort and ease to any event. Linger with friends and co-workers. Break out of isolation. Coffee cup readings, like tea leaf readings, can be a part of your next special event entertainment.

People love the closeness these readings bring to their dinner parties, banquets, and rehearsal dinners. What if you could drive boredom and loneliness from your next get-together or presentation?

They are are not for everyone: there is a limit of how many people can be seen.

For the brave or the curious, do it yourself, or book one of our fabulous entertainers!

“I hired Jan as a fortune teller for my birthday party. She was very professional and everyone thought she made them feel very comfortable. Her costume was great and she made my event enjoyable. I would hire her again.”

– Anne Yancey, National Director | State Credits and Incentives

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Lip Kit card simple version

Lip Kit

Lip Kit

  • Give each guest a Lip Kit for a personalized and fun form of entertainment.
  • Provide lip print analysis to individuals or a group.
  • Use as a special give-away at an event!
  • Virtual or in person
  • For events, schedule lip print analysis before, during, and after your event.
  • Can you really tell about a person by reading their lips? Absolutely!
  • Your current state of mind, your health, your mood, your recent interactions–all of it is in your lip print.
  • Surprise a special friend with a Lip Kit on their special day. For special events, send a Lip Kit to each guest, let them participate at the live event, or let them get their lip print analysis virtually.
  • A simple, elegant box arrives by mail (or is hand delivered). Inside is everything you need to have a fun and engaging Lip Print Analysis!

What You Get:

Simple instructions.

Easy online scheduler.

Branded Lip Print Analysis card.

Single-use lipstick sample and applicator.

Individually wrapped makeup remover.

Special message or additional items from host or sponsor.

Most importantly: Meaningful, personalized entertainment.

What You Do:

  1. Schedule session.
  2. Receive Kit.
  3. Apply lipstick with applicator (sanitation is paramount!)
  4. Kiss the card!
  5. Text a snapshot of your card to our dedicated number (for Virtual).
  6. Enjoy your lip print analysis delivered in a private or group session.

Benefits For Your Event:

  • Entertainment! Everyone loves to find out about themselves!
  • Handmade cards are customized to your event theme, colors, personal or company branding.
  • Guests get a take-away that makes the experience (AND your event or company) stick in their minds #goodmarketing.
  • Most importantly…. it’s fun!

“I knew Handy Entertainment was going to be a great addition to my party, and they exceeded my expectations!!! My guests LOVED the lip readings, and I loved the full-service, can-do attitude! Jan made me feel like my event was the most important event for her. Can’t wait to plan another party with Handy Entertainment!!!”

– Allison Kelly

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Elegant Event Palm Readings_Two_Women

Palm Readings

Palm Readings

Palm Readings will show you trends, gifts, and tendencies. Wonder what your palms, like your fingerprints, say about your future? Use us a strolling entertainment to add mystical fun to your next corporate event, bar or bat mitzvah, birthday, retirement party or fundraiser!

Get the hands-down best palm readings in Atlanta! Our entertainers can stroll through your event providing readings at tables, or as they mingle with guests, or from our designated Fortune Tent.

The Fortune Tent, draped in lights, with fun furniture, for more intimate readings for each guest. (Requires a 10 x 10 x 10-foot space.)

Contact us to learn more!

Ask about our Contact-Free entertainer booth with Zoltar or other costumed entertainers for SAFE fun!

“This was probably one of the best experiences I have ever had with an event entertainment company of this type. I received lots of compliments from everyone. I would definitely engage their services again.”

– Luis Ariel Ruiz

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Handwriting Analysis

Zoltar Fortune Teller_Handwriting_Analysis_Costumed-Woman
Zoltar Reads Handwriting

How Clients Use Handwriting Analysis:

No matter what type of message you choose, handwriting analysis is a unique entertainment option that will keep people talking and sharing their own experiences on social media and with friends. After all, that’s what you want for any event, right?

(And yes, Zoltar does handwriting analysis too!)

Imagine you are at a conference. The breakout session has six people in it. You are an introvert. So are the other five people. Our readings will get you talking, nodding your heads when you recognize yourself, smiling as you see your colleague secretly thrilled to have their qualities called out.

Social events are perfect for handwriting analysis–use the cards to capture guests’ wishes for the couple or the birthday boy. Have them leave the cards or text a snapshot of the card to you or have one of our facilitators onsite to do it for you. Win-win–guests take a beautiful and meaningful card home. A message about your event is on them and you can capture their toasts and best wishes. Ask how to have a memory book or slideshow with your guests’ inscriptions!

“Handy Entertainment pulled out all the stops to make our evening memorable. When you’re creating an event, especially for people in the entertainment industry, they’re a tough act to please so it was great working with someone who understood the audience. Highly recommend Jan and her company.”

– Joan Karpeles

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