birthday entertainment

Birthday entertainment can be subtle and low key or very flashy and in-your-face. The first thing to ask is what the person whose birthday you are celebrating really likes. Simple enough, but people tend to do what they see other folks doing or what they like, or even sometimes they just look around and see what is being offered.

Does your birthday person like lots of loud noise, or do they prefer getting to mix and mingle with family and friends?

Do you want to wow, or is it more about a subdued statement of values?

Ask us how we can help make your next birthday celebration monumental!

Four Seasons Glamping

Four Seasons Glamping

Four Seasons Glamping

Wedding Event with Giving Skirt and Lip Print Analysis!

Lip Print Analysis and Domes on the Roof

Glamping on the Four Seasons Atlanta‘s  rooftop terrace with their cozy, spacious domes, and spectacular views was a treat! The Giving Skirt shared drinks in 93 – three-ounce test tubes. We gave guests Lip Print Analysis with insights into their traits and gifts. The best part was watching people positively glow when they got their analysis! Then, seeing them sharing and comparing what they’d found out with each other was so much fun! Some of them knew each other; other times their lip prints gave them common ground, a little something to share and break the ice.

Four Seasons Glamping with the Giving Skirt

The Giving Skirt gives guests the opportunity to move and be moved. Huh? Let’s say you want to get your people into the ballroom for the keynote presentation, but the bill ringing and announcements just aren’t cutting it. What can you do? Cue the Giving Skirt! The great part about it is giving out unusual or useful items–for example, flowers, wedding escort cards, or guest favors.

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